01 February 2023 - 01 February 2024

Parasympathetic stimulation Enhancing Activities as Enablers

Erasmus+ KA2 Small-scale partnership in adult education
PEACE aims at improving the competences of educators and other adult educational staff in ensuring learning success of adults suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
By providing them with a collection of tools, resources and activities that can be used during online, face-to-face or hybrid learning sessions, the goal is to enhance learning success through improved focus, relaxation, motivation and concentration.

This project addresses the identified need of improving the competences of adult educators and other adult educational staff in dealing effectively with the challenges of educating refugees who have escaped war and suffer from PTSD. Compelled by the ongoing war, an increasing number of skilled and educated Ukrainians are seeking temporary shelter in Europe. The trauma caused by violence and war negatively impacts the concentration, motivation and learning competence of those adult refugees.
There are several courses for language learning as well as job-coaching or reskilling which are designed pedagogically. Yet, they fail to deliver the expected learning success due to an apparent lack of trauma management skill from adult educators.


The objective of this project is to enhance the didactical effectiveness of adult educators by empowering them with an online digital database for trauma awareness and parasympathetic activities for adult learning environments. We aspire to an accelerated learning and reskilling of adult trainees suffering from PTSD through parasympathetic state – thus fast tracking their job-integration.


To achieve this objective the project will develop the following two results:
1. Online digital database for trauma awareness and parasympathetic activities for adult learning environments. It will contain both general information to engender trauma awareness as well as peer-reviewed compilation of parasympathetic activities that have been neuroscientifically and psychologically verified for use in training centers. The didactical resources will be available in English, Estonian, German, Greek and Lithuanian
2. Project management toolkit

A PEACE Final Dissemination Conference will be held to offer general information about the project. During this conference, we will introduce the Online Digital Database, hold an info-session, organize a networking session based on an exchange of practices and future cooperation and discuss during a session with the project managers from the partner countries of the project.


Meta4 Innovations e. U. (Austria) www.meta-4.org
IASIS (Greece) www.iasismed.eu
OÜ Vestifex (Estonia) www.vestifex.com
Project PEACE online digital database is now available here:

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