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09/2019 - 09/2021

Digital Collaboration in Adult Education

Nordplus project
The idea of the project "Digital Collaboration in Adult Education" is to encourage teachers and adult educators to use ICT to diversify the learning and bring sparkle to learning for students. We believe that ICT should create opportunities for development of collaborative skills through real communication of information and knowledge between learners and educators and learners and other learners.
Project aim:

The aim of the project is to promote collaborative learning using digital solutions which are going to be applied and tested in language learning, arts and professional training.

Participant level - To make use of online learning and digital technologies as a method to advocate collaboration, share the students' and educators' knowledge gained through work or life experience and to analyze how digital collaboration adds up to students' gaining academic credit. The aim is to make learning more learner-centered, collaborative and enjoyable and, in addition, to provide clarity for teachers on how they can effectively integrate digital technologies into their practice. Development of digital skills also relates to accessibility and social inclusion and we shall use them as a tool that helps eliminate boundaries and achieve mutual understanding between different social and cultural groups.

Organization level - The aim of the project is also to explore, analyse and share the experiences of three organisations in teaching, mentoring, guiding and developing digital competences of adult learners. Finally, to create an eBook of the most relevant to teaching collaborative digital tools and recommendations on their possible fields of application. The activity can be from any curriculum area (e.g., science, math, art, music, languages) as long as it provides students with opportunities to practice their collaborative skills.

Project target audience:

Our target audience is adult learners (over 18 years), both immigrants and nationals, gaining secondary education, participating in non-formal education and in different training courses. And our final product eBook shall reach out to the teachers, educators, and trainers who are willing to apply technologies in their teaching strategies.

Project partners:

Coordinating institution

Vilnius Adult Education Centre (Lithuania)

Partner Institutions

Vuxenutbildningen Kramfors (Sweden)

Vestifex Adult Learning Centre (Estonia)

Project output: E-Book

Проект поддержан
Galina Kušanova
Project manager
Phone: + 372 556 290 94
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